Teatime Productions

Tea Time Productions is a new board game publisher started in September 2016, in Norrköping, Sweden, by avid gamers Samuel Sapire and Gustav Gyllensten . We are now pooling our experience from printing, distribution, translation, game design, running conventions, management, IT and working at BGG to create an open and collaborative board game publisher. In 2018 Tobias Olsson joined the crew as game designer

Our Team

Tobias Olsson

Tobias is our board game making machine. If you wake Tobias in the middle of the nigh, he will still be able to tell you all about his latest prototype and unique mechanics.

Gustav Gyllensten

Gustav is the glue that holds Tea Time together. With a vast network of creative people there is nothing Gustav can´t handle ! Gustav is a big fan of “take that” games and will enjoy any game with a wild west theme.

Samuel Sapire

Samuel is our trained squirrel. Throw a nut and see him run with some marketing and Business skills he helps us make sure that people know about us, and that things works out in the long run.