The surrounding crowd roars as you enter the shooting range, just a few seconds behind the leading pack. Glancing forward you see the leader straighten his back and take aim. As the first shot flies, you register a hit on the target. Then another hit, then another. hit, hit…
And its a miss!

The chase is on, you got enough stamina to make a long sprint for the finish line, but will it be enough to grab the gold?

Welcome to Ski Tour: Biathlon


Additional information


3 – 8

Play Time

30 – 85 minutes




As a skier representing your nation, do you have the stamina and marksmanship to make it onto the podium? Wax your skies, roll your dice, strategize, hit those targets at the shooting range and be the first to cross that finish line in this heart pumping game of skill, stamina and marksmanship!

Ski Tour Biathlon: brings a previously unrepresented sport to the gaming table, providing a game of skill, tactics and friendly competition. Play as one of five nations and race one a highly customizable track, providing a great experience over and over again

Low downtime. The game plays in two phases where all players act simultaneously in phase one and then in turn order in phase two. However you will be able to react to other players actions during phase two, even when it’s not your turn.

High player interaction – Your every move is of uttermost importance for the other players. How do you position yourself? How can you prosper from other players actions?

High replay value – Each nation has small variations to the others. How can you use your nation in the best way? Furthermore the modular board lets you build a new ski course each time you play. Build it as challenging as possible or easy and quick or make it resemble a course from the world cup!

How to Play

Your resources – Stamina and Strength
Your main resource is stamina which is represented by wooden hearts. Stamina can be spent to either increase your speed or to make bold moves to pass opponents. In other words, stamina is what drives your skier forward at a higher pace. At the same time stamina is also the resource that determines the chance your biathlete has to hit the targets at the shooting range. Higher stamina equals a higher chance to hit the five targets. Misses at the range means laps in the penalty lane. A really low stamina also affects your chances of making sprints or building up really high speeds.

Each round, players will simultaneously roll dice to determine their available strength in the preparation phase. Then in turn order they will perform actions to move their biathlete forward along the track in the race phase.

When all have performed their actions the first player marker is moved one step and again players determine available strength. The game is played in two phases.

Outsmart your opponents
During the race you must position yourself carefully to take advantage of other players while not providing advantages to anyone else. Players may draft behind opponents to get extra steps or sprint to prevent drafting. You can also position yourself well in downhills so that your opponents cannot take advantage and draft behind your slipstream. You must also save up energy to be able to push the uphills so you dont get lactic acid and take to many turns to get up. Also plan your race so that you have good chances to hit the targets at the shooting range and maybe even in one single turn.

How will you plan your race?

Setup for success
Each player controls their nations basecamp. This is their player board. During setup, each player place five stamina markers on their player board – wooden hearts of the same color as the nation.

They also wax their skies on the bottom of the player board with each nations set of unique wax tokens, a total of 30 tokens.

Each player will also recieve ten dice colored in their nations color as well as a skeeple (wooden skiing meeple) and five hit or miss markers.

The game has 20 terrain tiles that are used to build the course. There are start and finish tiles, uphills, downhills, shooting ranges, straights and two types of turns.

Also there is a first player marker and 4 shooting dice in 4 different colors matching the levels of stamina on each players player board.