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About us

Gustav and Samuel founded Tea Time Productions in Norrköping, Sweden, in September 2016. We want to pool our deep experience from the gaming industry and many other fields to create an open and collaborative board game publisher.

We successfully funded our first game, Tribes : Early Civilization, on kickstarter in 2017 together with game designer Rustan Håkansson and are currently working on several different projects!

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Prototype review in Swedish, by Tomas “ConraDargo” Engström


Prototype review by Richard “Rahdo Runs Through” Ham

Tribes: Early Civilization

Our first game is Tribes: Early Civilization (BGG page), designed by Rustan Håkansson. It is a thematic prequel to the big hit Nations co-designed by Rustan, a new take on the 4X class of games: 40 minutes, Euro-style, interactive.

Example tiles from Tribes
Paleolithic Technology, Action, Historical Event



You are part of the gaming hobby. You have seen what can be done on Kickstarter and want to be more involved than that. Development of our games is open and collaborative. You can participate and see how games are made and change during development by joining us at http://bgdev.club/