Tea Time Productions

Tea Time Productions

A Swedish tabletop game publisher

Our story

Tea Time Productions is a board game publisher started in September 2016, in Norrköping, Sweden, by avid gamers Samuel Sapire and Gustav Gyllensten. Rustan Håkansson was part of the founding team until May 2017, but is now a freelance designer working with the company. Early 2018 Tobias Olsson joined the team. The first release from the company (Tribes: Early Civilization by Rustan Håkansson) was Kickstarted in March-April 2017 and delivered in August 2017. After that the titel “WordPress the cardgame” was succesfully kickstarted in cooperation with Angry Creative.





Tribes: Early Civilization

Our first game is Tribes: Early Civilization (BGG page), designed by Rustan Håkansson. It is a thematic prequel to the big hit Nations co-designed by Rustan, a new take on the 4X class of games: 40 minutes, Euro-style, interactive.